Vegetarian Chili seedling

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Origin: Guadeloupe
Reference: KY-PV188
Product Name: Vegetarian Chilli
Types: Vegetable Garden
Container: Biodegradable Cup
Size: About 30-40cm
Gross weight per item: 0.300 g
Minimum order: 1
Above 100: Quote request 

Production capacity

Production capacity: 100 per month

Vegetarian Chilli

In your package
Biodegradable pot 8x8 cm - About 20 to 30 cm

It is a variety of very aromatic Antillean pepper but which does not sting. Also called vegetable pepper, it is recognized by its size and elongated shape. There are several colors, green, yellow, and red.

Advice and maintenance

A plant that only waters when the soil is almost dry, expose to light with a little cool and very little sun or not at all until the plant reaches maturity. For a faster culture of better quality, incorporate compost.

Upon receipt of your plants, moisten the pot for a few minutes to rehydrate the roots. Plant immediately with or without the pot by inserting it into a suitable hole.

Our engagements

With our gardening category, we strive to make the online sale of exotic plants and shrubs possible for everyone.

Now only 2 years old, Kreyolida ships thousands of plants all over the world to amateur and professional gardeners.

✔Hundreds of varieties of plants and shrubs including medicinal plants
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At Kreyolida, we strive to use the right methods for everyone's protection.

Packing and Shipping


Packaging: Cardboard box
Delivery: Air, sea, express or at the request of the customer via a quote request.

The society

Kreyolida is located in Guadeloupe. We are a diversified company in the design, development and manufacture of various products.

Find a top quality production, with the use of healthy products. We produce food, hygiene and beauty for the face and body, a wide variety of exotic plants and shrubs, etc.


Who are we?
We are based in Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe, since 2020 we sell to North America, Europe, Caribbean market.

How can we guarantee the quality?
A systematic pre-shipment inspection of randomly selected units from all batches in your order is performed.

For all inspections, Kreyolida uses the internationally recognized standard statistical sampling procedure ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1).

What can you buy from us?
Food, and miscellaneous.

Why trust us?
Kreyolida is a diversified company specializing in the design, research, development and manufacturing of food and personal care products.

What services?
Terms of delivery accepted: EXW, DAP, express delivery.
Currency of payment accepted: USD, EUR.
Payment accepted: Credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, cash, checks.
Language: English, Spanish, French.<

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