Cantaloupe Charentais melon seedlings x12

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Origin: Guadeloupe
Reference: KY-MC400
Product Name: Sugar Baby Watermelon Seedlings
Types: Vegetable garden
Container: Square Biodegradable Plate
Size: About 10cm
Gross weight per item: 0.800 g
Minimum order: 1
Above 100:Quote request 

Production capacity

Production capacity: 1,000 per month

Young plants ofMelon Charentais - Cucumis Melo var. Cantalupensis

The melon is a herbaceous plant native to intertropical Africa, belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family. The plant can be climber by clinging to supports. The leaves are whole rounded sometimes cut. The term "Charentais" designates a commercial type.

The round fruit is fragrant yellow or green flesh, very tasty, juicy and sweet. It has a thin bark with more or less marked streaks. The yellow type is the most consumed and is the one we offer.

Advice and maintenance

The melon is greedy in heat, around 24C and 35C. The ideal will be light, in a very sunny place. Do not hesitate to remove the stunted leaves to give a much more vigorous plant. Leave a space of 80 cm to 1 m between each melon plant.n.

The melon appreciates a soil rich and deep in potash. Feel free to add some compost.

Upon receipt of your plants, moisten the pot for a few minutes to rehydrate the roots. Plant immediately with or without the pot by inserting it into a suitable hole.

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Selling Units: Item sold per 12
Packing: Cardboard box, or as per customer's request.
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