Coral Liana (Antigonon leptopus)

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Origin: Guadeloupe
Reference: KY-L0010
Product name: Coral Liana
Types: Trees
Container: Biodegradable Jar
Size: About 30-40cm
Gross weight per item: 0.500 g
Minimum order: 1
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Production capacity

Production capacity: 1,000 per month

Plant of Liana Coral - Antigonon leptopus

The coral creeper is a tropical climbing plant of the Polygonaceae family native to Mexico. It is a fast growing plant that can reach a length of 10 to 12 meters.

The coral vine is non-toxic, and is also used as an ornamental and medicinal plant for coughs, fevers or sore throats.

Advice and maintenance

A cool and sunny exposure, with poor soils. Note that the coral creeperis considered a level 3 invasive plant out of 5 invasive species.

Upon receipt of your plants, moisten the pot for a few minutes to rehydrate the roots. Plant immediately with or without the pot by inserting it into a suitable hole.

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