Clementine tree (Citrus × clementina)

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Untreated Clementine plant - Citrus x Clementina

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3L pot - Plant about 30 to 35 cm

Clementine is a citrus fruit, fruit of the Clementine tree, a hybrid tree, resulting from the cross between a mandarin tree (Citrus reticulata) and an orange tree (Citrus sinensis). It is a 4 to 6 meter high shrub, with leaves and fragrant flowers.

Clementines are very fragrant, as well as the fruits of orange color, tangy, sweet and rich in vitamin C.

Advice and maintenance

Like all citrus fruits, the Clementine tree needs sun, a sheltered exposure, an acid-prone soil. Regular watering, especially if the plant is placed in the sun, and a good supply of natural fertilizer.

Remove dead wood, and intersecting branches to keep it healthy.

Warning! The only way to preserve the Clementine and to multiply it, is the practice of grafting or cuttings and layering. In the event that you plant the seeds from the fruits of your clementine tree, the seedlings would give hybrids far removed from the original variety purchased on Kreyolida (hybrids with mandarin trees for example).

Upon receipt of your plants, moisten the pot for a few minutes to rehydrate the roots. Plant immediately with or without the pot by inserting into a suitable hole.

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