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Avocado Plant - Persea Americana

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Bare root - Plant around 50 to 60 cm

The avocado tree is a medium-sized tree that can reach twenty meters in height, but usually stays around ten meters. Elliptical leaves with smooth edges and a pointed base which may be slightly purplish or dark green, shiny.

The flowers of the avocado tree are successive hermaphrodites.

The fruit, called avocado, is pear-shaped, weighing 100g to 1kg. Avocado is botanically a single seed berry, not a drupe because the endocarp is fleshy. It has a large central oval seed inside.

Advice and maintenance

No specific maintenance, indirect exposure to sunlight with damp and light soil is sufficient. Water once or twice a week.

Upon receipt of your plants, moisten the pot for a few minutes to rehydrate the roots. Plant immediately with or without the pot by inserting into a suitable hole.

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