Payment in 3x

Paiement en plusieurs fois par carte bancaire Kreyolida

Discover the payment in 3 installments by credit card

For purchases over 50. Payment is free of charge..

Paiement carte bancaire 3 fois sans frais Kreyolida

Payment in 3 installments by credit card is only valid for orders whose total amount is between 50 and 2000.€.

Payment is quick and easy!

Choose Alma payment 3x when paying, then simply enter your bank details as with a traditional payment.

The validation is instantaneous and the direct debit of your installments is distributed as follows:

 I pay 80 for a shrub in 3 installments on Kreyolida..

Paiement 4 fois Kreyolida Guadeloupe
  • 1st deadline 26.66€ : the day of your order
  • 2nd deadline 26.66€ : 30th day following the validation of the order
  • 3rd deadline 26.66€ : 60th day of order

To pay in 3 instalments, you have no contract to sign and return, no RIB.

In the event of withdrawal or cancellation of the purchase, the payment facility in 3 instalments will then be canceled and all sums already paid by the customer will be refunded to their bank account.

If all or part of the order is cancelled, the amount of the payment facility in 3 instalments will be revised accordingly in order to be aligned with the new amount due. If necessary, for example in the event of total cancellation of the order, Kreyolida will reimburse the customer for the overpayments.

 The due dates are debited from the credit card that you provided when purchasing. The customer benefits from payment in 3x installments at no additional cost and, as indicated later, no proof to be provided.

Payment in 3x instalments is reserved for individuals (natural persons of legal age) and professionals (legal persons) residing in France. Thebank cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or bank cards issued in an accepted country, or a bank account held by a bank domiciled in an accepted country and a telephone number from the same country as their card or account banking. In the event of payment by card, it must be valid for at least one month after the last due date of the payment facility in 3 instalments. Cards with systematic authorization, credit, prepaid, virtual or in a country not belonging to the list of accepted countries are not accepted.

How to choose the payment method in 3x installments

See below.

Paiement 3 fois

For more information on the conditions in the event of payment in 3x installments provided by third parties, consult the site of our partner Alma. Financing for a period of 3 months by thea Alma SAS, located at 176 Avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine and registered with the Nanterre RCS under number 839 100 575. You have a legal withdrawal period of 14 days for distance selling. Kreyolida, EI in France, Address: 16B Les Jardins de Houelbourg, BD de la Pointe Jarry - 97122 Baie-Mahault - RCS Guadeloupe 792 282 469. Kreyolida is mandated on a non-exclusive basis by the company ALMA for the proper performance of the payment contract in 3x times. Kreyolida has no power to grant or manage credit. ALMA reserves the right to refuse certain payments, or to request additional information to confirm your identity or creditworthiness, and thus be able to validate the transaction.

See conditions as of 20/09/2021