Welcome to the Kreyofolies Loyalty Program

From 02/11/2021, you benefit from the Kreyofolies Loyalty Program by creating a customer account, then validating an order on the website.

Discover the Kreyofolies program for everyone.

I save money by accumulating loyalty points.

It's simple, the more you buy, the more benefits you enjoy. Your points are credited instantly after validation of your order.

How to collect loyalty points?

Every euro spent counts, the higher the amount of your order, the more points you accumulate.

 Calculation scale

Points de fidélité Kreyolida Guadeloupe Kreyofolies

As soon as the threshold of each level is reached, you can use your Kreyofolies when choosing payment for your order.

You will have the possibility to use the amount corresponding to your loyalty points as one of the payment methods, in addition to the other payment methods offered.

In 5 orders I accumulated 180 points. I have therefore reached the first level valid until December 31 of the current year.

1st order 60: I have accumulated 60 pointss

2nd order 50: I have accumulated 50 pointss

3rd order 40: I have accumulated 40 pointss

4th order 30: I have accumulated 30 pointss

How to know the amount of my loyalty points?

You can consult your loyalty points at any time in your customer account, section "loyalty program".

In the event of a return, what happens to my loyalty points??

You will keep the loyalty points corresponding to this return.

In the event of a refund request, your loyalty points will be deducted from the amount of points accumulated during the validation of the initial order.

Legal mention

By joining the Kreyofolies Loyalty Program, the customer can acquire loyalty points on all items in the store.

Excluding current promotions, the customer benefits from discounts credited to the account from 5 up to 45.€.

By validating his order on, the customer acknowledges that the loyalty points cannot be refunded or exchanged. Any order paid for with a credit note does not provide new loyalty points.

Loyalty points are valid for 1 year from their date of issue. Once the validity date of the points has expired, they cannot be claimed. All orders placed before 02/11/2021 cannot be the subject of accumulation of loyalty points.